A Quickstart to Coaching can be used in one of three ways.

  • Introduction to Coaching — Quickstart to Coaching is a short (1/2 day) training that will give you an introduction into the basics of coaching.  Rather than commit 2 full days, commit one morning or afternoon and find out if coaching is a tool you’d like to pursue.
  • Developing Staff and Key Leaders — Invite your staff, your leaders, and any other key individuals to take on a coaching mindset.  A coaching mindset is determined to move others forward.  Leaders learn to work together better, encourage each other, and ask better questions that bring more clarity and light to the issue at hand.
  • Creating a Discipleship Culture — Invite the people who disciple in your church to gain a tool that will help others move ahead.  In coaching, you are not the expert.  Your job as coach is to help people get a clear picture of what it means to move ahead.  Imagine what it would do for your church if you had a large group of trained disciplers.

Cost: Depends on # of participants. Call for a price.
Location: See the list of scheduled events or invite me to your location for this ½ day training.