Become a Certified Leadership Coach

Church leaders are often frustrated. They don’t know how to engage volunteers. They don’t know build an effective team. They don’t know how to develop young leaders. They need training.

In the fall of 1989, God spoke very clearly to me. “Help the local church be effective.” Those weren’t His exact words. He was a little more blunt. I had been complaining to Him that the local church ought to be more effective. He said as clearly as I’ve ever heard Him, “Do something about it or shut up.” Shut up wasn’t really an option for me.

I certainly don’t have it all figured out, but I have put together a good solution for you to develop key leaders in your church. This may be you or a staff person or a key volunteer. There are three steps to this solution.


See Bundled Solutions at the Bottom of this Page!


Step # 1: Take our “Foundations in Christian Coaching” class.

This is an introduction to how to have effective conversations that help people move.

501 – Foundations of Christian Coaching (16 hours of training) — This course provides students a basic foundation for understanding and practicing coaching. Topics covered include: core coaching skills, coaching conversation model, the biblical basis for coaching, and how students can use coaching in their ministries or workplace. This course is a prerequisite for all other Coach Approach courses.

We are offering this powerful class at three different locations, and we are offering it for the first time online!

January 7-February 25, 2015 Wednesdays at 3:30pm CDT Online ($450) — Sign Up for the Online Foundations Class

January 8-9, 2015 Thursday/Friday in Mattoon, IL ($450) — Sign Up for the Mattoon, IL Foundations Class

January 29-30, 2015 Thursday/Friday in Pittsburgh, PA ($450)  — Sign Up for the Pittsburg, PA Foundations Class

February 9-10, 2015 Monday/Tuesday in Findlay, OH ($450)  — Sign Up for the Findlay, OH Foundations Class

Step # 2: Take “A Coach Approach to Christian Leadership” class (16 hours of training)

This class will show you how to combine classic leadership skills with powerful coaching techniques.

510 – A Coach Approach to Church Leadership – You know how to coach, and you know how to lead, but how do you incorporate coaching into your leadership? This course provides the knowledge and skill necessary for taking a coach approach to working with teams, managing direct reports/volunteers, and leading within a church or other organization.

This class will be taught in Findlay, OH on March 23-24 (Mon-Tue) by Bill Copper, a veteran ministry coach and teacher, who has been instrumental in my development as a coach.

March 23-24, 2015 Monday/Tuesday in Findlay, OH ($450) — Sign Up for the Findlay Leadership Class


Step # 3: Take “10 Hours of Mentor Coaching” class

This will cement your coaching skills to a level of confidence. In this class, you will coach with three International Coaching Federation coaches and receive lots of verbal and written feedback. You will be encouraged and know the exact next steps to make you a better coach.

These three steps will also make you eligible for the Certificate in Christian Leader Coaching from Coach Approach Ministries.

April 8-May 27,2015 Wednesdays Online ($750) — Sign Up For the Online Mentor Class


Bundled Solutions (Offer good through December 31, 2014)

If you want to give your leader every advantage of this coach training, I’d like to offer all three classes at a reduced price.

Any 501 Foundations Class, Findlay Leadership Class, and Mentor Coaching (42 hours of training) Cost:$1450 — Sign Up For ALL THREE Bundle

If you already have taken 501, I would still like to give you a bundle price for the Leadership Class and 10 Hours of Mentor Coaching

Findlay Leadership Class and Mentor Coaching (26 hours of training) Cost: $1100 — Sign Up For BIG TWO Leadership Bundle

Step # 4: Become a Certified Christian Leadership Coach (CCLC) with Coach Approach Ministries

Coach Approach Ministries (CAM) is a trusted name in the Christian Coaching field. Over the years, we have found them to be an excellent partners. After taking the above three steps, you are very close to eligibility with  Coach Approach as a Certified Christian Leadership Coach. Total cost with Coach Approach is less than $500. We will be happy to walk you through the process with Coach Approach Ministries.


It is very frustrating to want to lead for your church and not know how to do it. These three classes will give your leaders confidence and tools to lead your church into the vision God has for it.

Can you imagine how much less frustrated and more effective your church leader could be by the end of May of 2015?