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How Can I Build a Strong Team?

1. Assess Your Team

Our 20 question assessment shows where your organization could be strengthened.

2. Design Your Plan

Based on your assessment, a plan will be created to best move your team forward. jjjj

3. Grow Your Team

A leadership coach will focus your efforts on building a high performing team.

"Brian Miller is the real deal when it come to raising your leadership potential."

--Reggie McNeal (Missional Leadership Specialist for Leadership Network/Author of Kingdom Come

What Will Make My Team Stronger?

Clarity and Trust are the factors limiting your team's strength. Without Trust, your team won't work together. Without Clarity, they won't know which direction to go.

Some teams need more clarity. Some need more trust. There are some simple things you can do to build both.

90% of our coaching revolves around these two issues. We've identified 10 areas that address Trust and 10 areas that address Clarity. These are introduced into coaching sessions as needed to improve an area, consistently moving your organization towards a more fun and fruitful working environment.

What's My Investment?

You will need to make three investments for this to work.

1. Set aside time to work with a coach -- Typically, clients work with a coach once a month. Sometimes sessions are closer together, sometimes farther apart, depending on the season.

2. Set aside time to take action -- Each session will end with an action plan. Ideas are useless unless implemented. It won't take hours to implement your action plan, but it will take intentional action on your part.

3. Set aside money to hire a coach -- You tend to get what you pay for. Coaching has a cost. The value you receive will be higher than what you paid.

Hire a Leadership Coach

This investment gives you 10 sessions with Brian Miller and access to his framework that builds both Trust and Clarity.

Each session is conducted either by phone or internet video conference.


Hire an Organizational Coach

This investment gives your organization 40 sessions with Brian Miller for up to 5 people, access to his framework that builds both Trust and Clarity, an hour of online orientation, and one day of team training either onsite or online.

(Price does not include travel costs.)


Hire a One Day Training

Bring Brian Miller into your organization to teach an interactive team training that increases team trust and clarity. Team members learn competencies and deepen relationships.

(Price does not include travel costs.)


How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching is an intentional conversation that guides the client from where they are to where they want to go? The client starts with a topic or issue that could help the team perform better. The coach uses a skill set and mindset to guide the conversation into new awareness for the client and ends with the client creating tangible action steps backed up by accountability.

Our clients most commonly have a 50 minute appointment once per month. Performance rises higher and faster as more than one person from the team is coached, although it also works if only the leader is coached.

Often the coach refers to the best practices of the framework to help the client gain awareness of how trust or clarity could be improved. The client then takes this awareness and designs forward steps for the team.

Who Can Help You Build a Strong Team?

Brian Miller has spent his adult life starting and building organizations. The entrepreneurial gene bit early as Brian moved from the corporate computing world to a startup that grew over 500% as he and the owner partnered together. Called to the church world, Brian took his knowledge and planted a new church. This was some of his most fulfilling work. In 2015, Brian made another entrepreneurial leap, joining Coach Approach Ministries as their Strategic Director and providing focus and strategy as they took their core business and expanded its size and scope.

Brian is an ECC certified coach with Coach Approach Ministries, an ACC certified coach with the International Coach Federation, and a DMin student focusing on coaching competencies that work best in Christian leadership. He is married to his best friend Danelle, and they have three great kids and a dog. They make their home in Mattoon, IL.

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