Strengthen Your Team Now!

What Outcomes Can I Expect?

Goal Alignment

Team members align to team goals understanding the role they play in achieving those goals. Feeling heard, they set aside individual agendas to work for the common agenda of the team.


Team members communicate better, listening deeply, giving feedback, and asking better questions to create deeper understanding. Ways to work together become more obvious and more frequent.

Team Synergy

Team members fight less and produce more. A renewed sense of purpose and joy infuses the team. Stories of success emerge that invigorate the organization. Goals are met and exceeded.

How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching is an intentional conversation that guides the client from where they are to where they want to go. Coaching uses a skill set and mindset to guide the conversation into new awareness for the client creating openness, confidence, and motivation.


Individuals must feel safe and respected in order to fully participate. Coaching creates a confidential space where a person can drop their defenses and fully consider what is possible.


Confidence leads to bold action. Coaching builds an internal confidence in the person by exploring how the person's individual strengths and giftedness can be leveraged to take appropriate action.


The best motivation is internally generated. Few people perform better because of an external pressure or reward. Coaching builds ownership of the desired outcomes and plan of action. 

How Can I Build a Great Team?

1. Assess Team Dynamics

Teams run on trust. Trust is developed through understanding. A foundation for a great team starts with a deeper awareness of self and others on the team.

2. Design a Coaching Plan

Coaching key members is essential to organizational success. A plan will be developed that will include who will be coached, coaching hours, and frequency.

Hire an Executive Coach

3. Get Coached

Team members are able to think and plan in a safe coaching environment. They want to work better together, and coaching provides a clear and confident way to proceed. 

Who Can Help You Build a Great Team?

Brian thrives on helping organizations work better together. Talented people can achieve a lot individually, but the possibilities multiply when people work well together. 

Intrigued by coaching as a youth playing basketball in the Midwest, Brian has applied his skills to build various organizations from a computer consulting company to a starting a new church. He now spends his time coaching leaders and teams, and teaching others how to coach.

Brian has been a professional coach since 2015 and is recognized as a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.  

Brian is the Executive Director of Coach Approach Ministries and provides focus and strategy to expand their size and scope. He is married to his best friend, Danelle. They have three great kids and a pretty good pup. They make their home in Casey, IL.

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Brian Miller

What are People Saying about Brian Miller?

"Brian Miller is the real deal when it come to raising your leadership potential."

Reggie McNeal, PhD, Good Cities

"Brian’s approach to coaching has increased our employees self-awareness and ability to work effectively as a team. I can say with confidence that we are a stronger unit because of his coaching. I strongly recommend working with Brian Miller.”  


Brent Sleasman, PhD, President of Winebrenner Theological Seminary

What is My Investment?

You will need to make three investments for this to work.

1. Set aside time to work with a coach -- Typically, clients work with a coach once a month. Sometimes sessions are closer together, sometimes farther apart, depending on the season.

2. Set aside time to take action -- Each session will end with an action plan. Ideas are useless unless implemented. It won't take hours to implement your action plan, but it will take intentional action on your part.

3. Set aside money to hire a coach -- You tend to get what you pay for. Coaching has a cost. The value you receive will be higher than what you paid.

Hire a Leadership Coach

This investment gives the organizational leader 10 sessions with Brian Miller and access to his framework of best practices.

Each session is conducted either by phone or internet video conference.


Hire an Organizational Coach

This investment gives your organization 40 coaching sessions with Brian Miller for up to 5 people, access to his framework of best practices, an hour of online orientation, and one day of team training either onsite or online.

(Price does not include travel costs.)


Book a One Day Training

Bring Brian Miller into your organization to teach an interactive team training that increases team trust and clarity. Team members learn new skills and deepen relationships.

(Price does not include travel costs.)